Hey, guys! Man, it sure has been a hot summer right? The heat is currently keeping me up while I write this. So naturally, I decided to do a picture with fire. I got most of the items photographed here at The Epiphany. It was a little difficult getting in but once I was in. I was in complete awe of the creativity of the designers. I had to stop myself from getting nearly everything because it was seriously so good!

Ok, I gotta sit my butt in front of a fan for a few hours!

Good Luck!

Hair-DOUX – Stephan
Makeup-|CX| Hinotori Make-up Set
Eyes-IKON Hope Eyes – Wight
Tongue-+ Yokai Eyeball Tongue + @TheEpiphany
Fox familiar- + Familiar Spirit Fawx + {aii} ULTRA RARE
Kimono-+ RARE Long Robe (Male) + @TheEpiphany
Yokai horns-+ Firey Yokai Horns + @TheEpiphany
Fire wheel-+ Firey Wanyudo + @TheEpiphany
Skin-Bold and Beauty Xin
Shape-My own not for sale
Body- TMP


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