Unravel and Ascend.

Unravel and Ascend.


Hey, guys! Whew, am I the only one who gets so exhausted after shopping? In the past couple of days, I’ve been hitting the events hard. I’ve gone to TMD, The Okinawa Summer Festival. Hair fair. ALL THE EVENTS!!! I think sometimes we forget that shopping can be kind of therapeutic. well I know I do. Sometimes my anxiety gets bad and all I want to do is hide under my boyfriend’s arm.

I’m lucky I can do that. I think when you have those moments of anxiety it’s important to reduce as much stress as possible. So I’ve done that. I felt guilty at first. But I realized it’s ok to put yourself first.  It’s ok to give yourself room to breathe and re-adjust.

I really can’t stress enough to be kind to your friends who suffer from anxiety. Making a moment of weakness about yourself isn’t the best way to solve something that might already be hurting the person to their core. My boyfriend said something recently that has kind of stuck with me. I’ve gone silent only letting him in. As I often do when one of my anxiety episodes happen. Not out of malice, I find that sometimes people don’t really know how to talk to people who deal with anxiety it becomes something about them when it really shouldn’t be. Anyway. I’ve taken steps to be more social and found myself expecting the worst in people. He told me “There best attempt might not be ours.” He was right. As he often is. Him saying that allowed me to be more open. To be more social and crack open that social butterfly door just a little. So we went shopping. OH DID WE. I got this cool shirt from David Heather that came with pants and one of my favorite stores VRSION released an amazing Katana backpack. I paired it all with one of my favorite hairs from RH and the Tokyo-Ghoulish mask. I hope you all have a great day!


Hair-RAW HOUSE :: Bear
Backpack- VRSION SLASH 5 Back Pack With Katana
Shirt/pants--David Heather-Ever in black
Skin-Bold&Beauty xin
Shape-My own not for sale.



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