Whisper, Whimper on..

Whisper whimper on.

Whisper whimper on.


Hey guys! I hope your May is off to a good start! I know mine is! I’ve finally reached a place where my SL is a much calmer steadier place. It’s such a nice feeling to be able to sit down and realize that the bad days seem to get further and further in the distance of the rear-view mirror of your mind.

Speaking of minds. I think it’s important to take a moment to reflect on who you are. Weather that be through meditation (yes that sounds cheesy I know.) or even writing things in a journal. It’s important to shift your focus outward to in front of you. To not look at things strictly from behind your eyes but from the outside. I think when you’re able to do that, when you’re able to shift your thinking from ME to YOU. You’re better able to realize that sometimes you’re a little harder on yourself than you should be. You’re more able to forgive yourself if you’re able to shift the center of your thinking outward. It’s no secret 2017 has had it’s difficulties for me. I’ve taken pride in my ability to solve things.. to not just hear my voice but be open to hear others. Even though it’s been difficult to do. I could have done this step a little better in the past months. But really,  that’s what it really comes down to. The ability to look at someone and say I hear you, I see you and what you say. Matters to me. (yes I shamelessly quoted Oprah.)  I’m fortunate I have surrounded myself with great people. I’m happy at my ability to forgive others. Even if I struggle to forgive myself for my own mistakes. I’m learning.. I’m learning to handle myself better and to ultimately be kinder to me. I hope everyone is able to do the same. We could all stand to be a little more gentle with ourselves.

I’d like to thank my boyfriend the stank face wolffie for putting up with my messy set building even tho I know I leave a mess all over our sim. Oopsie doopsie oopsie.


Goggles-GOGGLES RAVE 4 [NeurolaB Inc.] by ono Zinner
Hair-[INK] Hair___SERIOUS by nontroppo Torii
Ears-[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5 by kikunosuke Eel
Eyes-Ikon -Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith by Ikon Innovia
Jacket/outfit- VRSION SLASH in red by badon rain @TMD
Mask-(epia) – Operator Mask by Dutch Lyric

Skin-Bold&Beauty Xin by jourdanmcmillan
Shape- my own not for sale.
Body-TMP by theshops