Little Rebel.

Little Rebel.


It’s no secret that I’m a huge Tom of Finland fan. I’ve done photos inspired by him in the bast.I think Tom was the ultimate rebel, and I’ve welcomed a bit of that energy in to my own life. Sometimes in really tense situations you force yourself to adjust, you put a lid on things you’ve liked doing for fear of them hurting someone else. Lately.. I’ve enjoyed letting the rebel in me out. I’ve enjoyed playing with this part of me I’ve worked so hard to control. To fit in to a box. I’m currently rejoicing in my own rebellion. And I gotta say, it feels kinda fucking great :p


Hat-Swallow Hat_Pervert Black and Silver by luciayes Magic
Jacket-::GB::One-shoulder jacket by Takuya Jinn
Top/harness-[Cubic Cherry] {Vain} by kreao kujisawa @LootBox
Jockstrap-NOCHE. Essential Simple Jockstrap by Danny0ryan
Chaps-[noche] Male Chaps No.1 by Danny0ryan
Shoes-COX* Hight Sneakers stan storno
Skin-Tableau Vivant fabian (catwa applier) by M4ri1yn Magic
Body-TMP by theshops
Shape- my own not for sale.


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