We are not afraid.

We are not afraid.

We are not afraid.

I planned on saying a lot for this blog post. But words seem to evade me right now. The truth is. I’m a little raw, I’m a lot hurt and I’m hoping for a better tomorrow. Every LGBT person knows terror. The terror of holding your loves hand. The terror of coming out and your parents deciding you are now somehow flawed.

This event has showed me the strength of our LGBT community. The love we show for each other and how quickly we were able to come together to support one another.The butterflies we feel should be from love, not from fear. I know the news has been stressful. I know it’s been hard to read and deal with. So please. Please take a step back and do what you need to, to be ok. Read a book, watch a movie hug your loved ones.Stay away from social media if need be. Social media can be an ugly place sometimes. I’ve had to do that. And I encourage people to do the same. You are safe, you are loved. We will get through this together. Be strong. And if you can please support the victims. Love, is love. Love is love. Love is love.



Hair-Monso chen by Morphine Janick
Goggles-GOGGLES RAVE 4 by ono Zinner
Shirt-VRSION KONVERT by badon rain @TMD
Shoulder pads--Glam Affair- Spiked Shoulder Pads in Black by Amberly Boccaccio
Pants-PUMPKIN Spiked jeans by yukio osei
Skin-Tableau Vivant rays 3 by M4ri1yn Magic
Eyes-Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith by Ikon Innovia
Ears-[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5 by kikunosuke Eel
Body ody ody-TMP by theshops
Shape-my own not for sale.


2 thoughts on “We are not afraid.

  1. Your words are so beautiful, heartfelt, and resonant, Matzu. As someone who most closely relates to the “B” in the LGBTQ community, my heart is equal parts full of anguish, and also full of resolve and hope that we can turn this tragic act into the spark that ignites a fire of compassion, and a movement toward acceptance, respect, and equality for all. Thank you for linking to the GoFundMe; I’ve been watching it avidly and feeling so full of appreciation for how quickly the total is rising. Seeing things like that give me hope, and as you said so beautifully: “Love is love. Love is love. Love is love.” ♥

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