Hold me down.

Hold me down.

Hold me down.


Hi guys! I hope you are all having a great day! Is it just me or has this week been the longest week ever? I found out the arcade opens next month and I’m patiently waiting to spend wayy more than I should. So while looking through flickr at the previews and felt inspired to blog. I also would like to thank the few people who reached out to me when I did my last blog. Thank you all for the well wishes and my life has been a lot calmer now. I hope you all have a lovely day


Puppy gear-CX Canine mask/ Collar by kamayari (was at epiphany but is probably at his main-store now.)
Hair-Action Mesh Hair Shaun by: MarilynMonroe Munro
Eyes- Ikon -Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith by Ikon Innovia
Ears-[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5 by: kikunosuke Eel
Jacket/Pants- Scars @ TMD by Sin Knoller
Skin-Tableau Vivant rays 3 by M4ri1yn Magic
Shape-my own not for sale
Body-ody-ody-TMP by theshops


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