Butterscotch & Bubblegum Drops.

Butterscotch & Bubblegum Drops

Hi guys! So, phew this month has been an entire bowl of what da efff. Today it snowed so hard I swear I heard cries of pain from the pine tress weighed down by the heavy snow. I do have to admit, it was funny watching spring commercials only to look outside at the complete white of the snow. I’m also starting to think, I only blog when it snows. O_O I dragged myself out of a studio Ghibli films and tahdah this outfit was born. I hope you all have a lovely safe day!


Horns  (I can’t seem to find them anywhere but heres the designer louise marsault)
HairUwst Dino by Din Raymaker
EyesIkon -Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith by Ikon Innovia
Ears[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season 5 by kikunosuke Eel
SkinTableau vivant rays 3 by M4ri1yn Magic
face paint+ Inari Makeup by PrincessAii
Lips{D.A} Lipgloss by Soleil Reid
FurWonton: Lynx Fur Vest by wontonapparel
Shirt David heather Yves shirt by gianni broda


4 thoughts on “Butterscotch & Bubblegum Drops.

  1. Hey, I’m trying to find that head shape.. But I can’t.. I tried to find it for 5 days alredy, I alredy spend 60$ to TheShops!.. But non of them looks like it, Can you link me the Head Shape of it?

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