Hey guys! I’m sorry this is a little late! But it’s here! Anyway. I’m I the only one who noticed the kind of lack of new guy things? Thank you to Boys to the Bone for making this awesome shirt. I almost bought out the entire stall. This look was a little different for me. But I really liked the way it turned out. I was a little obsessed with the flower head trend that happened not to long ago, I wish I saw more guys doing it. Or bring it to a more darker place in fashion. I always think fashion should be something playful and it kind of sucks to see the same jacket with different textures at so many events. I’m sure we all know the one. I struggled this month making a blog post because I really didn’t see anything for guys that made me want to blog. Usually when I see a shirt or any item of clothing an entire world in my head opens up and I can see the picture in mind and music. But, when theirs not really a lot of guy things that speak to me personally I find myself cut off from that creative space. I really like when designers venture outside the norm for mens clothing. I hope more designers do so in the future. I hope you all have a great day/night or whatever today! 🙂


Headress-Lode Blossoms @ Shiny Shabby by chirzaka vlodovic
Hair-Entwined Martina by vivienmarli
Bruise-.ARISE. Eye Bruise by: lonlysoule
Shirt-Boys to the bone Crop top #! tragic by jacquesvalentine
Skin-Rays tone 3 by M4ri1yn Magic
Body ody ody-tmp by theshops
Shape-my own not for sale. Sahhry :p



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