Hey guys! I hope today has been very well to you. It’s been good to me so far. SO I thought I’d talk about something I’m a little excited about and I know you can’t see but I’m bouncing in excitement. One of my favorite books is going to be turned in to a tv show! Well… it was a movie and the movie… well let’s not get in to it. But tv show ERMERGERD! The TV show is shadowhunters airing on Jan 12 on ABC. I’ve been a huge fan of the books and the author is quite lovely. I hope you all watch it with me. 😀 My outfit is semi inspired by the books. Not really. But eh, I like it. And dudes look! NEW EARS! Well, not really. I had them in my inventory and thought I should change them up a bit. My blog posts might be slowing down due to the holidays but I will come here and wish you all a Happy Christmas if I am able. If not then on Twitter. Lets get in to my stuff shall we? 😀

Hairbase Action Hair Base by MarilynMonroe Munro
HairIson nick in lights by Harry Hyx
Ears_[MANDALA]TAPER_EARS by: kikunosuke Ee
EyesEyes- Ikon -Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith by Ikon Innovia
PiercingsPUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings by Celandria
Band-aidBoys to the bone ouch band aid by jacquesvalentine (I’m not sure if it’s at the store, I got it at an event.)
Jacket  REPRESENT – Denim Jacket by Representer @TMD
pantsFabio black casual pants by fabulousandtrendy @TMD
boots[Gos] Triumph Boots for Men by Gospel Voom
skinTableau Vivant rays 3 by M4ri1yn Magic
body ody ody TMP by theshops


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