First Frost.

First frost.

First frost.

Hello my friends! Wow can you believe how close this month is to being over? I feel like we should all still be in Halloween mode half of the time. It’s even starting to snow here. I woke up to a blanket of snow covering my yard, so I did what any normal self respecting 20 year old would do. I put on my boots covered my batman pajamas in a nice thick coat and made snow angels! This blog post will be short, I went shopping and realized that my inventory is a monster and needs to be cleaned. So, I’ll get a long with what I’m wearing. How about we start with hair? So yep, platinum blonde happened and I’m ok with all of it. I was recently reading winter fables and stumbled across the one of the snow queen. And since snow queens seem to be a major thing in pop culture I thought I’d give it my own unique spin. Also my awesome boyfriend made the tribal marks on my chin. So sadly they are not for sale. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your day or night or whatever. Be safe this winter guys. 🙂


Headdress: Zenith druid wood crown rare 2. By miffyhoi rosca
Hair: Entwined/ Martina hair in Naturals. by VivienMarli
Eyes:Ikon -Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith By Ikon Innovia
Kimono: + Mens Tattered Kimono Pack by PrincessAii
Body ody ody: TMP by Theshops.
Skin:Tableau Vivant rays in tone 3 by M4ri1yn Magic


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