Hello there friends! I hope your Wednesday is treating you all well. It sure has been a week hasn’t it? Have you ever paused in the middle of the week and think. Man, I’m glad it’s almost over? I know I have. I’ve put on my earphones and let the world fade while my eardrums were assaulted with house music. Lately (as you all know) I’ve been very inspired by house music. The stage lights, the bouncing and sometimes the unique color powder throwing. I was scrolling through youtube as I often do when I’m bored when I came across a few videos. The Holi festival of colors is so beautiful and magical. I needed to do a photo-shoot inspired  by it. So here it is. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy my rambles! Have a great weekend guys, I’ll see you on Sunday!


Hair- [DeadWool] -Undercut -Browns.

Eyes- IKON – Sovereign in Pharaoh and Wraith


Face Piercings- (Yummy) Kelly septum ring -Diamond and PUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings II

Necklace-Gb -Crow feather necklace -silver

Tattoo-  Letis -Diwali

Body ody ody- TMP

Shirt- GB -Grow tank top white.

Pants- E-Clipse -Caesar jeans in black




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