Dark Spaces.

Dark Spaces.

Dark Spaces.

Do you sometimes miss a specific time of year? For me, I count down to Autumn… I look forward to the candy and door bell sounds of Halloween.  Today I recently fell down a hole of watching kids Halloween shows and my outfit is what transpired from said black hole. Some where between Halloween town and Scary God Mothers. I found peace with knowing the hot summer days and all the hell summer brought my way will soon be over. So! Let’s get in to what I’m wearing shall we? I fell in love with this hair from Dura and as a fan of anime as many of you know I had to get it, also TMD opened and it was fantastic as always. I tip my anime inspired hair to all the creative minds that were able to put everything together so perfectly. So friends, here’s to pumpkins and second chances. Cheers!


Hair: Dura/ Anime/ Lights

Eyes: Lovely Disarray – Ghoul Eyes : Set One




Wings: Somali patapata devil wings

Bracelet: GB leather bracelet black

Necklace Kosh zuvuya necklace black

Pants: Lumiere Apparel – Slim Fit Jeans – DEMO


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