City Beats.

City Beats

City Beats.

Hello lovely internet people. Well, my wish has finally been fulfilled! Yes! Uber had not one but two mens things I actually purchased! Not only was I jumping for joy but I clicked so fast I was surprised my mouse didn’t break or suffer some serious wounds. Thank you to United colors for making such a nice mens piece. And in bigger news, Holy cosmic owl (adventure time reference heh) I’m wearing a shirt! Not just a shirt, but even a jacket, WHAT! :O My blog post came early because I plan on drowning in a bowl and eating my weight in pop corn while watching some T.V. So, are you as surprised as I am with Uber having a few more guy things? I think it’s about time… We need more dude stuff so thank you Uber for giving me guy stuff. I also took a small break from blogging. I’ve felt a little stressed as of late and I’m lucky to have such amazing people in my life. One of them including my boyfriend who went out of his way to make a dream of mine come true, a small vacation in Paris. Somewhere between not getting out of bed and tickle fights I was able to relax again. So thank you for that. 🙂 Have a great Sunday guys. Eat that piece of chocolate because you’ve had a rough week and deserve it!



Eyes- Ikon/ Sovereign eyes in Paraoh and Wraith @ Ikon

Face Piercings- Swallow Bollywood -septum ring silver (RARE)

Shirt/Pants United colors- Jacket with long shirt/ shorts/moon shine @Uber

Shoes- Flite/ skyhigh -grunge


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