Hair Fair.



Having a bad hair day? Are you tired of wearing the same hair? Than I highly encourage you to go to this years hairfair! Now we can all feed our addiction for hair! But theirs a catch, if you’re a guy who likes long hair, kudos! If you’re a guy who likes short hair you’re basically screwed. I love shopping and it’s no secret that I have a small to mild obsession with hair… But I wish they offered more styles for men who enjoy shorter hair.. When else can I feed my addiction and give to charity all at once? At least then I can say “No, I don’t have a hair buying problem at all. I’m donating to charity so nyahh!” All joking aside, the hairfair was awesome and I do wish they offered more short styles for men. I feel like I’ve seen the same mens hair everywhere and I’d like a little bit of diversity. The blonde hair I’m wearing is a gift from exile, as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life. The second hair is from Monso, I have a few things from Monso that I really adore and this hair is certainly one of them. Even though I have this hair or rather hair similar from other companies this one might be my favorite. All in all even though they didn’t have much men’s hair I really enjoyed the hairfair. I had a wonderful time with my friends shopping. I also felt artsy so thus the photo-shopped pictures above. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday! 🙂




Chest bruises- ROMP



Body-ody-ody- TMP


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