City Beats.

City Beats

City Beats.

Hello lovely internet people. Well, my wish has finally been fulfilled! Yes! Uber had not one but two mens things I actually purchased! Not only was I jumping for joy but I clicked so fast I was surprised my mouse didn’t break or suffer some serious wounds. Thank you to United colors for making such a nice mens piece. And in bigger news, Holy cosmic owl (adventure time reference heh) I’m wearing a shirt! Not just a shirt, but even a jacket, WHAT! :O My blog post came early because I plan on drowning in a bowl and eating my weight in pop corn while watching some T.V. So, are you as surprised as I am with Uber having a few more guy things? I think it’s about time… We need more dude stuff so thank you Uber for giving me guy stuff. I also took a small break from blogging. I’ve felt a little stressed as of late and I’m lucky to have such amazing people in my life. One of them including my boyfriend who went out of his way to make a dream of mine come true, a small vacation in Paris. Somewhere between not getting out of bed and tickle fights I was able to relax again. So thank you for that. 🙂 Have a great Sunday guys. Eat that piece of chocolate because you’ve had a rough week and deserve it!



Eyes- Ikon/ Sovereign eyes in Paraoh and Wraith @ Ikon

Face Piercings- Swallow Bollywood -septum ring silver (RARE)

Shirt/Pants United colors- Jacket with long shirt/ shorts/moon shine @Uber

Shoes- Flite/ skyhigh -grunge


Kiss it where it hurts.

Kiss it where it hurts.

Kiss it where it hurts.

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your Friday, I know I am! Let’s see where should we start? I know, let’s start with a thank you.. I’d like to thank Gabriel or GB for always making stunning mens clothes. As a male and a blogger I cannot express to you how hard it is to find mens pieces at events.. I’d wander for hours trying to find a cool dude thing to wear only to be overwhelmed and buried in pink and high heels. I know when GB is part of an event I can count on some amazing thing I can wear. As you know and if you don’t that’s fine, but I have been so obsessed with these chest bruises I purchased at ROMP. I found myself trying to Incorporate them in to my wardrobe. So you can imagine my sheer delight when GB released this wonderful shirt that shows of my tummy. 😀 In the second picture I’m wearing hooks also from ROMP, I was slightly scared of these when I first saw them but part of me is very drawn to things like this. Maybe because as a child my earliest memory is going to a circus and seeing a beautiful woman dangle from these hooks. She looked so brave, so relaxed and almost angelic.. SO! I decided to get them and I was very happy I did. We all could use some circus realness in our lives right? I would also like to apologize for not blogging as regularly as I should.. I’ve been not in the best spirits but I’m lucky to have great friends and an amazing boyfriend who will stay up watching movies with me. Even when my ADHD brain decides to wander around and constantly get lost in places. Thank you all from the bottom of my hart.


Hair- [Q]uartzo Hair – Justin

Face Piercings- Swallow (RARE)

Shirt- GB -Look hot shirt- White

Pants – GB

Back hooks –Cerberus Xing

Chest bruises – Ama. – hickies,


Eyes- IKON

Body, ody, ody- TMP


Hair Fair.



Having a bad hair day? Are you tired of wearing the same hair? Than I highly encourage you to go to this years hairfair! Now we can all feed our addiction for hair! But theirs a catch, if you’re a guy who likes long hair, kudos! If you’re a guy who likes short hair you’re basically screwed. I love shopping and it’s no secret that I have a small to mild obsession with hair… But I wish they offered more styles for men who enjoy shorter hair.. When else can I feed my addiction and give to charity all at once? At least then I can say “No, I don’t have a hair buying problem at all. I’m donating to charity so nyahh!” All joking aside, the hairfair was awesome and I do wish they offered more short styles for men. I feel like I’ve seen the same mens hair everywhere and I’d like a little bit of diversity. The blonde hair I’m wearing is a gift from exile, as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life. The second hair is from Monso, I have a few things from Monso that I really adore and this hair is certainly one of them. Even though I have this hair or rather hair similar from other companies this one might be my favorite. All in all even though they didn’t have much men’s hair I really enjoyed the hairfair. I had a wonderful time with my friends shopping. I also felt artsy so thus the photo-shopped pictures above. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday! 🙂




Chest bruises- ROMP



Body-ody-ody- TMP