Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged recently I’ve been slightly glued to my boyfriends hip. Anyway, we have missed a lot haven’t we? Kustom9 opened and had those adorable foxes from half deer. More teasers from the hair fair have been revealed. I don’t know about you but my inner hair collector is squealing. I could go on and on about how excited I am about the hair fair.BUT! We have jackets and shoes to discuss and my ADHD brain must stay on track! Let’s get in to it My jacket is from VRSION, Now I have a deep love for VRSION I practically buy everything they release I love the sort of high fashion editorial looks they put out. It’s really become one of the stores I seek out at events. My Pants are from revolt and I have a love affair with revolt… One of the first things I ever purchased was a jacket from Revolt so I tend to get warm tinglies when ever I wear something they make. I did a lot of damage this month and it’s still technically started. I went on a mini.. week long.. tattoo filled hair craving shopping spree. So hooray for purchasing all the things! Anyway, have fun shopping!


Hair: Little Bones/ Bomb
Eyes: Ikon/ Sovereign eyes in Paraoh and Wraith
Ears: Mandala/Steking
Body: TMP
Jacket: Vrsion: Rival 2.0 jacket with tee.
Pants: [R3]/ Rebel pants male
Shoes: Vrsion/ Rival/ sneaker black.



Body ody ody






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