Hey guys! So, lets dive right in shall we? TMD opened and oh god I went broke from it. I really loved this round thank you to all the designers who made such wonderful things. 🙂 Yes, I am not wearing the infamous gold and green eyes. BUT! I did get new ones from IKON in the same color you will be seeing in a future blog post. I’m wearing the Odyssey eyes that were at TMD in the photos above. While we all know I have quite a love affair with IKON so when I seen they were going to be at TMD I might have squealed like a girl. So naturally I had to put on tattoos to hold on to the smallest bit of masculinity I had left. I’m very drawn to the rockabilly style and wish they offered more tattoos in this range for men. I was grid hopping every tattoo store I knew with my friend and we decided to look on the marketplace for one. So kudos to the owner of Credo for making stunning rockabilly mens tattoos. And look! I’m wearing clothes on my upper person! Kind of! Well, it’s the thought that counts right? :p TMD was really wonderful as it usually is. I wish you luck on your shopping endeavors!


Hair Base: Taketomi (From the Shin pack at TMD)
Hair: Taketomi/ Shin platinums
Ears: Mandala/Taper Ears
Eyes: Ikon/ Odyssey eyes/Ice
Tattoo: Credo/time flies
Body: TMP
Jacket: Seul Garcon/ Slim Biker/ Onyx
Pants: Seul Garcon/ Vintage rolled back
Shoes: Emotion/ LMT/ Blue 2.


Body ody ody




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