Catching Shadows

Catching Shadows.

Catching Shadows.

Yes, it is another shirtless picture of me. I have shirts and coats I swear! I’ve been in to being shirtless lately because as we all know the tmp body costs quite a pretty penny. I want to get my moneys worth. I will continue to rave about this body and admire it’s bum. So, anyway moving along. I’m quite in love with black widow. I found them through a friend of mine, I was in aw of how clean the lines were, the details in each line seemed more like a painting rather than a tattoo. I will admit I was tempted to get the one my friend had but wondered if it would have the same impact on my male body as it would on her female body. So you can imagine how happy I was when I wandered over to the cosmetic fair and saw this beautiful work of art. I had to get it, I’m very happy I did. I was going to wear a shirt for this, but I really wanted to show the tattoo. While digging in my inventory I found this bracelet from Mandala, I’m almost embarrassed to admit. I had not one, but two hidden away in a folder labeled “Crowns N Stuff.” Apparently I purchased two. So a note to future Matzu, please make sure you put things in the correct place and I’m also sorry I ate all your cookies. Haha. With all that being said here’s what I’m wearing!


Hair Base: Argrace

Hair: Mina/Andre dark browns
Nose Ring: Yummy/Kelly septum silver-diamond
Ears: Mandala/Steking ears/Season5
Tattoo: White Widow/ Dark shadows @ The Cosmetic fair
Nipple piercing/ Fuel for Men/Sense Nipples.
Body: TMP
Pants: Lumerie Apparel/ Slim fit jeans/ denim no. 6
Necklace: Gabriel/ 3strand necklace/ Silver
Bracelet: Mandala/ Sitennoah watch & bracelet


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