Hey guys, LOOK! I have hair again! And yes, once again I’m rocking the blonde from .astronaut. I recently went on a shopping adventure with my bestfriend, somewhere between our third scoop of ice cream and second speech about the correct way to serve ice cream, I found this awesome hoodie from ClaVv. I tried a few times for the rare until I was able to get it. I wish I could say I got it because it’s the rare and I really wanted it, but to be completely truthful I got because it reminds me of my boyfriend and his obsession with cats. I also chose to wear it shirtless with my tmp body, I go through waves of being completely obsessed with the body, and wanting to incorporate it in to my everyday wardrobe, then on the other hand I like to wear it only to be shirtless or even nude. I really love this hoodie, even if it might be rigged odd, I feel like it might work better for photos rather than everyday wear. But pfft, it’s still super cute. :p I’m also wearing the kitty markings as they were a gift from my boyfriend, I really do love this look and I hope all of you do too, sometimes you just have to bust out the kitty ear hoodie and look cute and be silly. \(^0^)/ I’m very lucky to have friends I can go shopping with, I’m very fortunate to have people I can go shopping with and spend my evenings with, also you can’t see the lower half of my body but yes, I am wearing pants. Once again I’ve been seduced by the pants from cheerno that seem to look the best on my tmp body. With all that being said, here’s what I’m wearing!

Happy late Memorial Day! -M

Hoodie: ClavV/ Jacket Leopard/ Rare/ @Kustom9

Hair: .Astronaut/ Coont/ Blondes

Kitty Markings: Cookie Chips/ Whiskers face paint tattoo layer.

Eyes: Ikon/Promise

Necklace: Kosh/ Zuvuya/ black

Ears: Mandala/ Steking/ season five.

Pants: Cheerno/ Leather brown


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