Dirty Boy.

Dirty boy

Dirty boy

I’ve seen so many semi nude photos recently on flickr and from other bloggers that I couldn’t help but get inspired by it. While watching a movie with a friend of mine I decided to pick up this tattoo and take a few shots. Doing nude type photos is something new for me. But I had a lot of fun doing it. :p It’s also some what liberating, I also decided to keep many things minimal for this shot. It’s the reason I decided to not have hair… I really liked the shave head with the demon ink. I’m also wearing the tmp body, Anytime I see something for the tmp body I feel compelled to pick it up. Haha I can’t tell you how many tattoos I have that I have yet to actually wear. I really like the tmp body, gosh it photographs so beautiful and I have to admit I’m a sucker for the cute butt. :p I think it’s important to step out ones comfort zone and do things like this every once and a while. It’s nice to step outside the box you put yourself in sometimes. This post is actually partly inspired by the movie “Dirty Girl” I was watching it with a friend of mine and in the movie the main character Danielle says the line “No one likes a dirty girl.” Obviously I took it a bit literal. That and I figured wearing dirt was probably a bad idea. I think it’s always fascinating how we can be inspired by the most random of things.. Weather it be a movie we watch with our best friends or a book we read a few years ago. The movie is quite fantastic, I highly recommend it. The ending made me ball like a baby, BUT! I shall not give away spoilers! I can say that I will watch this movie many times with lots of pop corn and apple juice. :p So, with all that being said. This is what I’m wearing, hope you like


Hair Base: Argrace
Blind Fold: Erratic/Chris/Black
Ears: Mandala/Steking ears/Season5
Nose piercing: Mandala/Okaki/Face piercing
Teeth: PXL/open mouth addon.
Tattoo: Antielle/Demon Ink @IDK
Nipple piercing/ Fuel for Men/Sense Nipples.


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