Where the light went.

Where the light went.

Where the light went.

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday/Mothers Day! While I’m trapped beneath a snow storm of death that happily will threaten us with a blizzard (all bark and no bite) I decided to take my lazy look and turn it in to a blog post. As I do with many of my outfits. As many of you know I’ve become quite obsessed with the hair from .astronaut, it’s quickly become one of those hair stores I seek out at certain events. And as a fellow who seemingly collects hair I felt the need to voice my love of it. I’m also wearing a shirt from one of my favorite clothing brands, Howl.. They released this shirt at TMD and I almost (actually did) ran to it. Anyway, I can ramble all day about my favorite companies, but I won’t.. So! Here’s what I’m wearing and where I took my pictures. Thanks! -M
Hair: .astronaut/ TY/Blondes @Chapter four
Eyes: Ikon
Top: Howl/ Jino T-shirts/Ny @TMD
Pants: Xin/ sweatpants/ light grey
Taken at Hazardous, Hazardous Inc (176, 195, 53) – Moderate


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