Catching Shadows

Catching Shadows.

Catching Shadows.

Yes, it is another shirtless picture of me. I have shirts and coats I swear! I’ve been in to being shirtless lately because as we all know the tmp body costs quite a pretty penny. I want to get my moneys worth. I will continue to rave about this body and admire it’s bum. So, anyway moving along. I’m quite in love with black widow. I found them through a friend of mine, I was in aw of how clean the lines were, the details in each line seemed more like a painting rather than a tattoo. I will admit I was tempted to get the one my friend had but wondered if it would have the same impact on my male body as it would on her female body. So you can imagine how happy I was when I wandered over to the cosmetic fair and saw this beautiful work of art. I had to get it, I’m very happy I did. I was going to wear a shirt for this, but I really wanted to show the tattoo. While digging in my inventory I found this bracelet from Mandala, I’m almost embarrassed to admit. I had not one, but two hidden away in a folder labeled “Crowns N Stuff.” Apparently I purchased two. So a note to future Matzu, please make sure you put things in the correct place and I’m also sorry I ate all your cookies. Haha. With all that being said here’s what I’m wearing!


Hair Base: Argrace

Hair: Mina/Andre dark browns
Nose Ring: Yummy/Kelly septum silver-diamond
Ears: Mandala/Steking ears/Season5
Tattoo: White Widow/ Dark shadows @ The Cosmetic fair
Nipple piercing/ Fuel for Men/Sense Nipples.
Body: TMP
Pants: Lumerie Apparel/ Slim fit jeans/ denim no. 6
Necklace: Gabriel/ 3strand necklace/ Silver
Bracelet: Mandala/ Sitennoah watch & bracelet




Hey guys, LOOK! I have hair again! And yes, once again I’m rocking the blonde from .astronaut. I recently went on a shopping adventure with my bestfriend, somewhere between our third scoop of ice cream and second speech about the correct way to serve ice cream, I found this awesome hoodie from ClaVv. I tried a few times for the rare until I was able to get it. I wish I could say I got it because it’s the rare and I really wanted it, but to be completely truthful I got because it reminds me of my boyfriend and his obsession with cats. I also chose to wear it shirtless with my tmp body, I go through waves of being completely obsessed with the body, and wanting to incorporate it in to my everyday wardrobe, then on the other hand I like to wear it only to be shirtless or even nude. I really love this hoodie, even if it might be rigged odd, I feel like it might work better for photos rather than everyday wear. But pfft, it’s still super cute. :p I’m also wearing the kitty markings as they were a gift from my boyfriend, I really do love this look and I hope all of you do too, sometimes you just have to bust out the kitty ear hoodie and look cute and be silly. \(^0^)/ I’m very lucky to have friends I can go shopping with, I’m very fortunate to have people I can go shopping with and spend my evenings with, also you can’t see the lower half of my body but yes, I am wearing pants. Once again I’ve been seduced by the pants from cheerno that seem to look the best on my tmp body. With all that being said, here’s what I’m wearing!

Happy late Memorial Day! -M

Hoodie: ClavV/ Jacket Leopard/ Rare/ @Kustom9

Hair: .Astronaut/ Coont/ Blondes

Kitty Markings: Cookie Chips/ Whiskers face paint tattoo layer.

Eyes: Ikon/Promise

Necklace: Kosh/ Zuvuya/ black

Ears: Mandala/ Steking/ season five.

Pants: Cheerno/ Leather brown

Dirty Boy.

Dirty boy

Dirty boy

I’ve seen so many semi nude photos recently on flickr and from other bloggers that I couldn’t help but get inspired by it. While watching a movie with a friend of mine I decided to pick up this tattoo and take a few shots. Doing nude type photos is something new for me. But I had a lot of fun doing it. :p It’s also some what liberating, I also decided to keep many things minimal for this shot. It’s the reason I decided to not have hair… I really liked the shave head with the demon ink. I’m also wearing the tmp body, Anytime I see something for the tmp body I feel compelled to pick it up. Haha I can’t tell you how many tattoos I have that I have yet to actually wear. I really like the tmp body, gosh it photographs so beautiful and I have to admit I’m a sucker for the cute butt. :p I think it’s important to step out ones comfort zone and do things like this every once and a while. It’s nice to step outside the box you put yourself in sometimes. This post is actually partly inspired by the movie “Dirty Girl” I was watching it with a friend of mine and in the movie the main character Danielle says the line “No one likes a dirty girl.” Obviously I took it a bit literal. That and I figured wearing dirt was probably a bad idea. I think it’s always fascinating how we can be inspired by the most random of things.. Weather it be a movie we watch with our best friends or a book we read a few years ago. The movie is quite fantastic, I highly recommend it. The ending made me ball like a baby, BUT! I shall not give away spoilers! I can say that I will watch this movie many times with lots of pop corn and apple juice. :p So, with all that being said. This is what I’m wearing, hope you like


Hair Base: Argrace
Blind Fold: Erratic/Chris/Black
Ears: Mandala/Steking ears/Season5
Nose piercing: Mandala/Okaki/Face piercing
Teeth: PXL/open mouth addon.
Tattoo: Antielle/Demon Ink @IDK
Nipple piercing/ Fuel for Men/Sense Nipples.

Where the light went.

Where the light went.

Where the light went.

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday/Mothers Day! While I’m trapped beneath a snow storm of death that happily will threaten us with a blizzard (all bark and no bite) I decided to take my lazy look and turn it in to a blog post. As I do with many of my outfits. As many of you know I’ve become quite obsessed with the hair from .astronaut, it’s quickly become one of those hair stores I seek out at certain events. And as a fellow who seemingly collects hair I felt the need to voice my love of it. I’m also wearing a shirt from one of my favorite clothing brands, Howl.. They released this shirt at TMD and I almost (actually did) ran to it. Anyway, I can ramble all day about my favorite companies, but I won’t.. So! Here’s what I’m wearing and where I took my pictures. Thanks! -M
Hair: .astronaut/ TY/Blondes @Chapter four
Eyes: Ikon
Top: Howl/ Jino T-shirts/Ny @TMD
Pants: Xin/ sweatpants/ light grey
Taken at Hazardous, Hazardous Inc (176, 195, 53) – Moderate




I recently went to ‘WE ROLE PLAY’ while sandwiched between an alien and a fairy. I saw this outfit, I had to get it.. I feel drawn to these outfits from time to time, I will go through phases of only wearing this style. I’d like to think it makes me more brave, I feel like we can all use a little bravery and strength sometimes. -M

What I’m wearing.

Hair: Ayashi/ Darin
Eyes: Ikon
Body: The mesh project.
Tattoo: Aitui/ Adinkra
Sword: Body Factory/Kombat Katana (silver) @ We Bottom: Body Factory/ Kizaru (red)
Pants: Limiere Apparel/ slim fit jeans denim no.6
Shoes Body Factory/ Django boots (red)
Taken at

Rubber doll

Hello everyone. For those of you who know, know I’ve recently stumbled upon RuPauls drag race, thanks to my good friend Taylor Wassep, please check him him here, and here Upon watching the show I became very infatuated with one of the contestants Miss Fame, I was sad to see her go home because I honestly thought she’d make top three. But, in true Fame fashion she released a music video and I’m borderline in love with the song.. So I made a look inspired by it, hope you enjoy. -M



Makeup: White Widow/ face tattoo ignes

Mask: Pink acid/  Caged umpire Mask-White

Hair: Action/ Joe -Vegnaic

Ears: Mandala/Steking

Necklace: Kosh/ Zuvuya necklace

Eyes: Ikon/ Promise

Harness: Sugar/ white leather

Pants: [NS]/ Leather steam punk pants in silver.