Space Station.

Lost in space.

Lost in space.

As a devout nerd, I recently stumbled across the StarWars movie trailer and it brought back memories of me and my siblings fighting over candy and watching. it for hours. I remember dressing up as a Jedi and throwing nerf balls at my sisters. I remember being completely captivated by the world people were able to dream up. So I decided to to a small tribute to them in my own way of course. One of the most important things I learned from Starwars was to dream as far and as you can. Your dreams may take you to Galaxy’s far away. May the force be with you -M

Hair: Action-Joe/ Vegnatic
Eyes: Ikon/ Promise eyes in dune and silver leaf
Ears: Mandala/steking ears/season 5. (Human)
Liner: [S0NG] Valo Liners
Mask: (epia)/ Operator Mask
Shirt: [monso]/ my cropped sweater in black.
Pants: David Heather/st biker pants/ grey
Shoes: Lucian Marcelo/ Black’N Gold Plated Faraone

Taken here





Just a look I threw together. 🙂

Hair: Cheerno/ Bob’s in dark

Mask: *Cila*/ the rose mask

Ears: Mandala/ Steking ears.

Top: ClaVv/ halved Tshirt white pack

Pants: [Pumpkin]/ sweat pants X black

Wild Ones.

The wild ones

Wild ones

Just something I threw together, I was flipping through channels the other day and came across a James Dean movie where he had a similar look. Although SL has yet to make the James Dean hair (How awesome sauce would that be right?) I felt the need to make an outfit similar. -M

From the top

Hat: RO Paragons cap-Forever black

Glasses: TBF The destructionator – the Aviator sunglasses

Top -Levenchy Graphic muscle tee in white

Pants -Villena tucked up jeans in black

Boots – [Gos] triumph boots for men Denim.

Body: The Mesh project.