Honey, I’m home?

Matzu anel new_001

My name is Matzukaze Balestra. I’m a resident of Second Life who has a serious shopping problem. I honestly think they should start a Shopping rehabilitation center. although No one would attend as we would all be to busy trying to get the rares from Gacha machines. I want my blog to focus on male fashion. I’m not going to drag this out as I know many people just want to know what shoes I’m wearing. :p I really honestly started my blog as a justification for my shopping addiction. So, with all that said.. I look forward to us getting to know each other,


Hair) @ TMD Taketomi (blacks) On a side note, I recommend using a hairbase from “Action” as it blends in kind of like magic. Do I have roots?! WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY!

Collar) Epia

Pants) David Heather, Yves in black

Shoes) Flite skyhigh grunge 1.1

Wings) VS Angelus wings

Eyes) Ikon

Shirt) Wonton Jersey sweater in white.


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